The Finding Eleven Story

Have you ever found a lucky penny and wondered what the universe was telling you?.

Between 2011 and 2013, I abruptly lost both of my parents and my older brother. As a young girl, my family– and especially my mother, always called me their ‘Shiny Penny’. Coincidentally, after losing them I started finding pennies and dimes together all the time. This was no coincidence. I knew these pennies and dimes were my family’s way of letting me know that they are always with me. These tokens from heaven gave me the most comforting feeling during such a confusing time in my life.

My longtime friend Stacey made me the most heartfelt gift I could ask for for my 50th birthday, two handcrafted sterling silver bracelets each showcasing a 2013 dime and a 2011 penny as the centerpieces. So many people have asked me about the bracelets and shared similar stories with finding pennies and dimes in the same place. Stacey and I came together to create this collection so you can also commemorate important life events. Whether you connect with these distinctive pieces for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone else, we know you will fall in love with Finding Eleven.

With Love,

Julie Claycomb

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